Human Brain Illustrations

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The human brain is the pinnacle of development on planet earth. It operates at incredible speeds and has many functions running at one time. Much of our work in computers and artificial intelligence are attempts to mimic singular functions within our own brains. There are many complex processes and subsequently many complex disorders associated with the human brain.

Below are views of the Brain we like.

human brain illustration grays anatomy
Labeled illustration of the human brain from the side.

human brain inside skull

brain stem

labelled brain anatomy

3 major areas of the brain and their functions, generally described, are as follows:

  • Cerebrum
    • Frontal Lobe – Voluntary processes like decision making, voluntary motor control, language processing, problem solving
    • Parietal Lobe (middle) – spatial processing, spatial coherence & mapping, sensory integration
    • Occipital Lobe (rear) – vision
    • Temporal Lobe (side) – memory, sensory reception, recognition
  • Cerebellum – voluntary movement coordination, balance, timing, reflex memory
  • Brain Stem – autonomic functions, sleep, fight or flight response