All Hands on Deck

Published in Covid-19

Our Covid-19 response is not all hands on deck! and I don’t know about you but I am sick of it(pun intended?).

When all of the responses were uniform – Lockdowns, masks, no vaccines, or known therapeutics etc; then one could begrudgingly state all was being done that could be done.

However when responses began to diverge and new information came to light, the response from our leaders was to double down on masks, lockdowns, and vaccines were the only way out. Odd.

We had systems built across companies and the world almost overnight to track our vax status and give us a passport to participate in society. Also odd. So quickly we went institutionalizing exclusion

Still pharma companies are released from any liability all while they are trying to mandate a vaccine across the world.

An all hands on deck approach would have a few minimal markers

  • The response would evolve with new info
  • Finding of therapeutics would actually be seen as a benefit to assist us in suppressing this virus
  • Prioritizing the vulnerable would be supreme
  • Surviving Covid would be seen as helpful to herd immunity
  • Acknowledging that lack of zoonotic origin would help in risk mitigation and fear reduction across the populace.

Also, when did the media become so complicit?

One can research just the approved therapeutics and see that we are not helping people not spreading the word about things like Monoclonal antibodies. You can find it at the NIH and CDC.

One could question the lack of studies coming from America or even laugh at ideas that suggest vaccinated immunity is better that naturally acquired immunity, but that doesn’t suppress this virus. Only and All Hands on Deck approach will.