Human Digestive System Illustrations

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Boy if you are getting older, under stress, or just plain eating poorly then digestive problems are probably something you contend with. How nutrients enter the body has long been a subject of our interest.

The human digestive tract consists of glands and organs designed to process and assimilate food through a process of crushing, digestion, absorption, and ultimately elimination of “waste” or indigestible food components.

Below are some illustrations of the digestive system that we like:

simple view of digestive system

a high level view above of the digestive system followed by a more detailed view below

detailed view of digestive system
Here is a good view of the actions taken against food by the digestive organs and glands.

where food is broken down
digestive system activity


Probiotic support from Plexus above and some disorders and diseases impacting the digestive system are detailed below
digestive disorders and disease