Statin Drugs and CoQ10 have a positive impact based on NIH Study

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We have heard for awhile now that CoQ10 helps with cardiovascular health. Sometimes there is conflicting information though or at least information that I run across that says CoQ10 has no positive benefit. Generally those are comments from people that don’t believe in supplements at all. While one always has to decide for themselves what to ingest and what not to ingest, swearing off all supplements doesn’t really fly with me.

(On a tangent here) I remember a book from the 80s that talked about “free radicals” by Robert Haas called “Eat to Win”. For those that don’t remember Robert Haas was a nutritionist for Martina Navratilova(Tennis Champion) and others. I remember people laughing him off. Today however we talk about the impact of free radicals on our cells all the time.

So while I agree it is buyer beware on all things supplement, I don’t advise turning your back on them completely. decide for yourself!


Here is a summary of those recent findings from the NIH and a link to the full text.

coq10 and statin

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We also found this recent study on the safety of CoQ10 and provide an abstract here from the National Institutes of Health. click picture for larger  more readable view

coq10 safety assessment